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NOSHA (Nepal Occupational Safety & Health Academy) - Health and Safety Policy

NOSHA is a company committed to the safety and well being of everyone involved in the business. Whether you work directly for NOSHA or sub-contract to us, your safety is our top priority. Our safety Representative is Mr.Uadhab and his phone number is +977 9745308875.

Health and safety in NOSHA organization starts from the top down and we encourage open communication between all members of the company when it comes to their safety. Safety in the workplace starts from the top down and management is fully committed to be continually improving our systems and processes. If any member of the company feels at any point that they are unsafe in the workplace, an open line of communication has been set up through company representatives.

We as a company commit to maintaining a clean and hazard free workplace and to always looking out for new hazards in the workplace. All members of staff of NOSHA and its subcontractors and management are required to report any new hazards immediately. New hazards will be investigated analyzed and the appropriate action be taken company wide.

NOSHA’s health and safety procedures are audited yearly at minimum but should be continuously updated if new hazards are discovered to processes change in the business and training procedures.

Company Safety Representative Name: Mr. Uadhab Thapa

Company Safety Representative Phone: +977 9745308875

Today’s Date: 1st January 2021

Signed by: Mr. Uadhab Thapa