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Safety officer / Technician ( सेफ्टि अफिसर/ टेक्निसियन)

Training Overview

The Safety Method Statement vs a Risk Assessment

The Safety Method Statement is not the same as a Risk Assessment. The method statement sets out the sequence of activities that need to be carried out to complete the work and the controls that will be put in place to ensure safety. Risk Assessments are reviews of the potential hazards (risks) that are inherent in an activity or an environment e.g. a work environment like a factory. Safety Method Statements should include all the risks identified in a a risk assessment. For example, a risk assessment for roofing work may identify a risk of falling materials, the Safety Method Statement would set out how the roofing work would be done and what controls would be put in place to manage the risk of falling materials: safety hats, putting up netting around scafolding, using harnesses or specialist safety equipment for working on the roof etc.

When are Safety Method Statements used?

Safety Method Statements are not required by law in the UK, but are most often used in Construction Management where they are useful for complex or high risk work and can form a helpful aid for contractors and employees about how the work should be done. Other types of Method Statements in Construction.

Title Details
Client Training Requirement
  •  Training Room Conducive of Learning
  •  Projector

  •  White Board
**Training venue if arranged by the client
Nosha Training Method
  • Interactive sessions
  • Power Point
  • HSE video related to subject training .
  • Course materials will be handed out hard copy & soft copy for study purposes
Course Content
  • As per latest HSE standards.
Minimum Qualification
  • Ability to speak English & Hindi & Nepali
Validity Of Certificate Life-long
Course Accessment
  • Multiple choice questionnaire after end of course
Course Certification Successful participants who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Fall Protection and Working at Height Training.
Duration 5 days
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  • Trainings will be powerpoint / video and interaction based , Practical when required.
  • Trainings can be clubbed together to suite Client's needs..

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