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BA trolley (Breathing apparatus) Training - बीए ट्रली (ब्रेथिङ्ग उपकरण) प्रशिक्षण

Training Overview

Breathing Apparatus (BA) remains one of the most important safety devices that saves lives today. In spite of the fact that BA is used in some of the most high risk working environments, there is no reason why work cannot be conducted repeatedly in a safe manner. There are a number of types of breathing apparatus, used for different applications. Equipment must be approved to a relevant standard - the most common standards which apply in breathing equipment are EN (European Standards) and NIOSH (North American) - most parts of the world that do not have their own will adopt one of these, and specify that equipment that is used complies with the standards' requirements. Above training will be supervised and trained by International trainers upon request
Title Details
Client Training Requirement
  •  Training Room Conducive of Learning
  •  Projector

  •  White Board
**Training venue if arranged by the client
Nosha Training Method
  • Interactive sessions
  • Power Point
  • HSE video related to subject training .
Course Content
Minimum Qualification
  •  Ability to understand English Language 
  • Background or previous HSE training is beneficial but not required
Validity Of Certificate
  • Two (2) Year
Course Accessment
  • Multiple choice questionnaire after end of course
Course Certification Successful participants who passed the written and practical test will receive certificates on Fall Protection and Working at Height Training.
Duration 2 days
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  • Trainings will be powerpoint / video and interaction based , Practical when required.
  • Trainings can be clubbed together to suite Client's needs..